to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

by Layoomiety

Autumn dream

October autumn, is a go forward with great strength and vigour of the miserable conditions sequelae. Cold dense city streets, exudes a no signs of life. With the wind swaying leaves make threatening gestures, like bones, greets all sorts of a dead-alive person's shadow. These beautiful ugly tall short shadow, shaking the flickering and the yellow light, with grey background, constitute a beautiful dream of the night Men clothes sale.

Real let people believe, all on foot to, are not in the edge of a dream. Do not know from what time, he will be trapped in a primitive dreams. The dream, the bullet piercing and the body like a feather floating up, feels no pain, but near the memory brain there, came the vertigo imprint is engraved on my heart. Float but does not fall, down the street, is a not touch illusion, splashing water, dirty my head dry hair.
So, how many days, develop a habit of washing up. In a wet hair, standing on the balcony, a cup of bubble tea, Jasmine or peony. Don't like sugar, so always impregnated bone pain, but this is very good, bitter sweet. Only suffering to awaken the sleeping sweet heart.
data backup I think of Jing, you say a word, then, you're outside rent a house, a small window north of the room, you function as the studio, kitchen, bedroom. The room with no place to stand. I carefully on tiptoe to avoid bottle you last night drunk broken. A heap of broken glass saw bottle, there was red, and your hand, has been a wild bandage. If you see a glimmer of me tremble, pay no heed to say, man, you like to write in ink painting, like to drink tea, you had a daughter, it was sweet.
When you say those words, you stand beside me, holding the hands of you as life cactus, the cactus in a wine glass, porcelain cups, with egg size tender yellow cactus, how to say, there is little coordination. The morning air is cold, will you a hair blowing like a chicken coop. I did not like the usual laugh Meixinmeifei, simply replied, "if I had a baby boy?" You looked away, his face is I cannot read look, "you fucking drown in the toilet". Also, I never know you, don't know why you hate the world all male. I see, you like in the empty room of an incandescent lamp with oil painting under the. I never paint of color in the evening, I need is a natural light. And you, painting which revealed the color, the color is a ghost, the night is the deposition. And I, will never reach the heights, I always think, you do not belong to the world Playgroup
Later, you go away, cut off all contact.
by layoomiety | 2013-10-05 11:03 | The classic article